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Which are the best ways to make money online now?

In the last 10+ years I've invested most of my income back in premium domain names, content or expensive web tools, but especially my own time, learning almost every trick
on search engine optimization & web marketing while creating my online money empire.

I can help your internet business, providing anything you need. But who am I?
My name is Nuno Alex Oliveira, I've been creating commercial websites since 1997, my
own network has some of the best domain names (brandable, memorable or product/service domains), I have invested high $xxx,xxx with them and spent dozens of thousands of dollars in all kind of products that can now help you. Apart from web development I also have more than 10 years of experience on web marketing. Tell me what you need and I will do my best to guide you. I can provide any assistance on the creation of your report, social campaign, website creation, optimize your web presence, etc. I'm willing to provide some of these services with a really good discount, and while I usually charge good money to do it I'm interested in future partnerships. So if you have a good list OR you are just starting but have the necessary self-discipline, are willing to work hard and don't procrastinate, do contact me asap. I don't promise quick and easy money but a solid business partnership.

Want a small bio? My resumed background: I'm an official professor, I spent 8 years of my life in University, between 2 degrees, 3 years in the first one, Systems Engineering, and then moved to the second one, Computer Science - Teaching branch, 5 year duration. In the last 15 years I've been a student and a teacher, webmaster, marketer, designer, investor, writer, photographer, advertiser, optimizer and much more... I've been a multitasker all my life...
Nowadays I'm a full time investor and developer, but still designing and promoting...

Some well-known marketers, companies and investors have domain names that once belonged to me. Want to be the next? Do you have a business plan but not a premium / brandable domain? Do you already have a product but want to reach top ranking at search engines for your desired keywords? Or you have a product but not a website? Do you want to be my jv partner? I may have one of my web sites waiting for you. Content or Membership management and Billing system (worth hundreds of dollars) included.

This is not a newsletter or autoresponder, it's a business form where you can send your joint venture proposal directly to me. You will not be signed up for any mailing list. Thank you.

Don't forget to save your message in notepad or word before sending it to avoid loosing what you wrote (in case you miss the ReCaptcha words). Contact me asap! Thanks!

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